About Di Saunders

I am an Adoptee, a Late Discovery Adoptee. When I was 43 I found out I was adopted and commenced my journey towards living authentically, free from the constructs of adoption. I blog here to share what I have learned from my perspective as a counsellor to contribute to a greater understanding of the needs of Adoptees.

Di Saunders – Late Discovery Adoptee


I found out when I was 43 that I was adopted. Since then, I have been on a journey towards living authentically as who I am, not who I was constructed to be as an Adoptee.

This blog shares some insights from my lived experience as a Late Discovery Adoptee, filtered through the lens of what I learned in counselling training and of most help, my journeying with members of Identity Rites.

IdentityRites, is a peer Adoptee issues-based advocacy group in Adelaide, South Australia. IdentityRites speaks out on Adoptee issues, towards providing a voice for Adoptees and is currently working towards providing non-traumatising ways for Adoptees to explore their adoption story. You can find out more about IdentityRites and how you can become involved at: http://identityrites.org

Take care – Di